xymon-powershell is an implementation of the Xymon client, written in just six lines of PowerShell.

This provides a way for Windows hosts to report their status to Xymon servers.

Note that this is not a complete client package, it's only an equivalent of the xymon client binary. To use this you need other scripts that gather data and format it for reporting to Xymon. If you're looking for a complete client-side solution, have a look at WinPSClient, also written in PowerShell, or BBWin which is a compiled solution.


xymon-powershell is hererby released into the public domain. Use it however you need. It'd be nice if you let me know how well it works for you.


Download/view v0.2 or changelog, or v0.1.

To install, copy into a suitable location on the client host. Call from a batch file, scheduled task or some other scripting environment. Provide the Xymon server name or IP address as the first parameter, and one or more arguments. The arguments can be lines of a status/data message, or if the first argument is "@" then the second argument is the name of a file containing the status information.

Some examples are shown here.

C:\PS\> powershell -file xymon-powershell.ps1 xymon1.example.com "status %COMPUTERNAME%.mytest green %DATE% %TIME% Status of MYTEST is OK" "" "TEMP=%TEMP%"
C:\PS\> powershell -file xymon-powershell.ps1 xymon1.example.com "drop %COMPUTERNAME% mytest"
C:\PS\> powershell -file xymon-powershell.ps1 xymon1.example.com "@" "%TEMP%\xymonstatus.txt"


Comments, submissions welcome: jeremy+xymonpowershell@laidman.org