XBMC File Browser

XBMC File Browser is a Greasemonkey script that allows you to traverse the filesystems on XBMC, typically running on an XBOX.

XBMC File Browser is copyright under the GNU General Public License. Download it here (v0.1).

Clicking on the above link should automatically load the Greasemonkey dialog box to install the script. If not, save the script to your desktop, drag-and-drop to your browser with Greasemonkey running, and it should install. Once installed, browse to your local XBOX with something like:

You can traverse directories, and even view text files. Can be useful to find out why the FTP server isn't working (eg "FileZilla Server.xml" file is empty).

Yeah, the doco is crap - volunteers welcome. Read the source!

Comments, submissions welcome: jeremy+xbmcfilebrowser@laidman.org