SysBackup is a shell script that backs up the key non-binary elements of a RedHat/Fedora Core system. It takes note of installed packages but does not back them up. It focuses on changed configuration files and other files you would need to add to a new system to restore functionality.

SysBackup is copyright under the GNU General Public License. Download it here (v0.2).

Run the script and all the required files will be backed up into a tarball in /var/tmp/sysbackup/. The tarball can then be extracted on a new system with a minimal install (requires rpm, yum, tar and a few other things), and the script run. All required packages will be installed (assuming yum was configured on the old system) and configuration files restored. After a reboot the new system should behave like the old.

Yeah, the doco is crap - volunteers welcome. Read the source!

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