Spam Submission

submit_spam is a spam and ham submission processor. It's copyright under the GNU General Public License.

Download/view it here (v0.3) or changelog.

To install and use:

  1. Copy the file into an appropriate place, such as /usr/local/sbin.
  2. Configure your MTA as appropriate:
  3. Submit your spam/ham: In Outlook or Thunderbird, create a new email addressed to Attach one or more messages of the stated ham/spam type. Do this by dragging the ham or spam messages into the new email. Do not cut-paste into the message as this will not preserve the header information, which is vital for some of the spam tests.
  4. You should receive an email telling you that the messages were submitted, listing the subject lines.
This has been tested under Postfix, and works for sendmail too but only in theory. Feedback is sought on this and any other transports that work.

To ensure this is working, run the following command before and after submission and compare the differences. It needs to be run as the user with the spamassassin database.

  sa-learn --dump magic

Comments, submissions welcome: