IPCam Enhanced Firmware

This page has info and firmware for the IPC-1002 and similar.

README.TXT - some notes about the IPC-1002 IP Camera (0.8kb)

Official firmware:

Modified firmware:

Note: The best I've achieved is with the second firmware (telnet-rootshell). Once logged in as roger (password roger) run the "sh" binary in roger's home directory (eg: ./sh) and then run "su". At that point you're root and can do all sorts of cool stuff.

Note: If you have problems upgrading where it gives a message saying that there wasn't enough memory, try reverting to the stock firmware and then try the upgrade again.

Other items:

WARNING: The firmware files on this page are provided as a user service. In no way does their availability imply any suitability for any particular purpose, nor responsibility for any problems. You are entirely responsible for the use of the firmware. In particular, you are warned that the firmware might break your camera and it will be your problem.