Jeremy's Tools Page

MailTest - perform a suite of mail security tests against a target mail server
SysBackup - backup the critical parts of a redhat/fedora system without needing the binaries
Spam Submission - submit emails for learning as ham or spam, by sending an email
MLExtract - extract appointment/task details from a syncml database
HTML to Pager Gateway - accepts HTML submission, sends message to gnokii
SMS Transport (SMTP to Pager Gateway) - accepts email, sends message to gnokii
XBMC File Browser - Greasemonkey extension to allow you to browse your XBMC filesystems from a web browser
Asterisk Click-to-call - Greasemonkey extension to markup phone numbers so that you can click to call them.
Callboth - CGI script to let your browser dial numbers for you.
Ubiquity Scripts - Implements various commands for the Mozilla Ubiquity plug-in.
Internode Radio Stream Extended M3U Maker - Makes extended M3U files of free (to Internode customers) radio.
IPC-1002 Info - Information and modified firmware for the IPC-1002 and similar cameras.
PuTTY Tools - Tools and tips for PuTTY users
SuperTail - turns a UNIX log file into a syslog stream
Linkify - de-duplicate files in two UNIX directory trees
Notepad++-BIND-DNS - Notepad++ extensions for syntax highlighting and command completion in BIND DNS
Billion Cacti Script - Billion script to collect stats for Cacti
xymon-rclient - Remote Execution Client for Xymon
xymon-rnamedstats - Remotely collect BIND DNS statistics and report into Xymon
xymon-powershell - An implementation of a Xymon client in six lines
xymon-procmem - Per-process threshold alerter for Xymon

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